See the New Back-End System in Action – Atomiser 2.0

2 Apr

I started off 2015 with a goal of putting out some simpler games while working on the bigger ideas. What fun is being a game designer without a pile of published games to brag about?

To get started, I decided to create my first game of the year with a one week deadline. That’s right, just one week from start to finish! Six hectic days later we had the first product to come out of this experiment – a 2D infinite runner/jumper called ATOMISER.

After that release it was clear that in order to crank out games with any type of complexity and customization I needed a “backbone” to build off of. Fast forward three months and I present – Atomiser 2.0! It’s an updated game with better options, global Top 10 scoreboard (my favorite feature), new environment, and many other improvements. The best part is, all of this is reusable so all future games will include these extra features!

Check back soon for information on the next adventure.