ATOMISER – Infinite Runner/Jumper

10 Jan

In a world of physics gone mad, a special nano-bot has been created to safely breakdown atoms growing out of control inside of the bloodstream. Take control of the Atomiser bot and help reign in this threat to humanity!

Game Play
Atomiser is a 2D side scrolling jumper. Use the spacebar or left click to hop from platform to platform while gathering any freak atoms. Includes a “double jump” mechanic allowing the player to jump mid-air in desperate situations. Points are scored based on distance travelled with a 1500 point bonus for each atom grabbed. The deeper we get into the body the faster things move. Get ready for a challenge!

Downloads Available
Windows (XP/7/8) [FREE]

Hope you enjoy, and as always if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or flames feel free to comment below.

Atomiser Gameplay Screenshot
Atomiser Gameplay Screenshot