Boat Racing – WIP

7 Oct

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Boat racing game where you race to complete a course in the required amount of time to advance. Levels will be designed to allow smashing into docks, stumps, and other obstacles while still posting fast times. Fountains in the river even allow the driver to launch airborne when hit. This one is about going fast, getting air, and smashing some stuff!!!

Each course also has a time record which will be recorded on a local (device) and global (all players worldwide) level. As the game advances upgrades will be available for more speed, better maneuverability, and higher jumps including additional boat types.

Boat Racer Prototype Screen Shot

Status – Prototype
Currently the game is in the earliest stages. I’m creating prototypes and eliciting feedback from anyone willing to give it. This will be the test to make sure it’s fun and worth creating. Let me know what you think so far in the comment section below (or email/text/Facebook/whatever). The more input from players I get the better.

Downloads Available
PC (Coming soon)

Recent Updates
10/07/2014 – Just released the first demo for Andriod. Let me know what you think.

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