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8 thoughts on “Contact

    • Are you scanning my brain bj??? I was literally, as you typed this, working on some posts for this site and was thinking about messaging you. No new FBN, but you just might love the next game I’m launching almost as much. It’s a bass fishing tournament game (so you can still catch some hawgs when life doesn’t permit).

      Would love to get your opinion on it. Do you have an Android?

      • I have had “your number “for a long time junior.LOL
        And yes , I do now have a smart phone and yes it is an Android.
        It’s a Samsung Grand prime.
        They tell me it’s decent one.
        I even learned to text and send pictures.
        See– You can teach old dogs new tricks.

        • Awesome. I’ll shoot you an email in a couple of weeks. I launched some new software for programmers this week, have an app for musicians I’m releasing next week, then I’m going to try and get an “alpha” version of the fishing game on the Play Store the following week. Whew!

  1. Should be any time now huh ??
    Other forum still sucks big time — get off your ass and get rebuilding

  2. get off your lazy ass and get the FBN back up and working — that ultimate bass board SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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