Boat Racing Prototype (Android)

7 Oct

Welcome to the Android prototype download page for my WIP (Work In Progress) Boat Racing Game. Since this app is still a WIP it is not available on Google Play and must be downloaded directly from this website.

Requirements: As a prototype version this program is not optimized and is best played on newer devices. Specific requirements are not known at the moment. It works great on my mid-range, slightly old, tablet (Asus TF101). Runs a little shaky on my cheap and buggy phone (ZTE), but it’s playable. Please let me know about your personal experience in the comments so I can learn what devices work well and which need help.

What to expect: Please bear in mind that this is a prototype. It’s not meant to be pretty or run perfectly optimized. It’s only a demonstration of the idea with as little work as possible put into graphics and optimization. The main question at this point: Is it fun to play?

Boat Racer Prototype Screen Shot

Installation: Follow these simple steps to install the boat racing prototype on your Android device.

1) Allow third party apps. If I’ve lost you already click here for instructions.
2) Browse to this page on your device using the default “Browser” app. *
3) Click the link below to download the file. (Recommend WiFi).
4) Once complete open your downloads, tap on the .apk file, and tap “yes” when prompted.
5) The game should now be installed and ready to play!

>> Download Here <<

* At the time of this writing the mobile version of Chrome does not properly install APK files so use the default “Browser” app instead.