Musically Inclined Beta Testers Needed

29 Feb

I’m making an app version of a relative pitch practice/training program my friend James created. We currently need Android beta testers!

If the following description sounds interesting to you, send me an email ( with the gmail address you use for your phone or tablet. If you don’t have an Android there is a PC version I can send you as well. Just mention that in the email.

We are in the late stages of testing and launching soon, but the more feedback the better. Sign up now if you’re interested! Testers will receive a free copy of the app for your time.

RePEaT – Relative Pitch Ear Training

RePEaT is a unique app designed to help a musician reinforce their relative pitch recognition at home, or on the go. It’s like having a music tutor around to quiz you anytime, anywhere!

It is a hands-free, at-your-own-pace, ear training system. Simply choose a skill level, press play, and continue self testing until you feel ready to advance – there are no grades or limits!